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Host free video meetings. No sign-ups, app downloads or time limits

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Full Privacy

No servers-in-the-middle. We never store, process or collect your data

Up To 50 People

Invite your whole team to your video calls

Join From Any Device

Laptop, desktop or phone

Join With One-Click

No app downloads,
sign-ups or PIN codes necessary

HD Video & Sound

Higher video resolution and better sound quality

Unlimited Time

No time limits.
Make as many video calls for as long as you like
Privacy First

Why RoomsMe is the most
secure video conferencing service  in the World?

99.8% of all video conferencing services use “servers-in-the-middle”. These servers listen to, store, and process all your data. Middleman servers are targets for cyber attacks and your call data can be stolen and sold.

RoomsMe takes security and privacy seriously. We don't have “servers-in-the-middle” for free calls. We don’t store any of your call data (voice, video and files) and no one can ever access your data because of our pure end-to-end encryption and P2P protocols.

Cybersecurity Best Practises

No servers and apps

Our infrastructure does not have any vectors for a cyber attack, as we don't have any servers and you don't install any applications

No fingerprints

You don't share any private data with us such as an email or your geolocation. We also don't collect and process any data

End-to-end encryption

All video, audio and data are sent via end-to-end encryption channel between devices


For anonymous payments and transfers in Rooms, we are using encrypted integrations with payment systems

Video platform for professionals

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Secured conference and meetings
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Train and Teach online
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Video consultation and invoicing
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Stream the moments and earn
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Video consultation and invoicing

Create Rooms in-one-click

Add the Rooms link in bookmarks in your browser or on your phone Home Screen. Use Rooms in one click. No App downloading needed. Try it now!

For Mobile

Browser >  Add to Home Screen (How to?)

For Desktop

Browser >  Add to Bookmarks (How to?)
🙏 Please, add Rooms Link to Bookmarks

How to create simple room links for your Team & Customers

Create a room link
Join your room
Add to bookmarks
Customize the name of your bookmarked link. Share your private link with anyone at any time.

Design. Code. Innovate.

API platform

If you are developing social network, marketplace, virtual event space or any service that need encrypted conference rooms, you can use our API to generate multifunctional Rooms.

Mask and Effects

Design your own masks or effects for RoomsMe face and BG tracking. You can publish it in RoomsMe marketplace for free or set your price on this digital asset.


Develop your application for RoomsMe and open it for B2B and B2C clients. Your application should support WebRTC. If you use machine vision please provide us with a ML library or TensorFlow guide

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